Creativtransfer interacts mainly with accredited advertising, communications and media agencies. We join in where creative ideas and groundwork are to be implemented into efficient solutions of highest requirements: We transfer creativity


Creativtransfer is backed by a well attuned team of programmers, technicians, designers and illustrators. Everyone can reflect upon a comprehensive and professional background in his area of expertise. Overlapping of the

individual competencies enable Creativtransfer to operate efficient and on highest standards.

Industrial Sectors

Extensive knowledge and research of industry lines are often the sole criterion for success or failure of a project. Creativtransfer possesses intensive know-how in various industries:
Mobile communication; Fashion, Luxury goods & POS; Retail and wholesale, import/export; Radio, Electrical and Security systems; Stock exchange, Banking & Trading; Real estate & Investments; Communities, Groupware, Portals; Logistics, Goods and Freight; Automotive; etc.

Core Competencies

Creativtransfer has an extensive repertoire to bring your creative ideas to life. Our skills range from design, shop and CMS layouting over the development of entire intranet and groupware solutions up to programming complex mathematical algorithms and routines.


Since the majority of our work is happening in the background, we ask for your understanding that we treat all our clients' projects with the utmost discretion.